Universal Flowering

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Hand made in small batches in Toronto by perfumer Courtney Rafuse. Universal Flowering creates intoxicating fantasy moods. We are so excited to be a stockist :) Descriptions below

Summer Sauna: eucalyptus. hinoki. olibanum. cedar.

"Humid japanese hinoki and cedar. Cooling eucalyptus. Wispy nuances of tulsi basil and bright olibanum."

Out of Focus: sandalwood. texan cedar. violet leaf. musk.

"ordinary bodily sensations are,
for example: a belt that is too tight
a stomach ache
sexual arousal
the heart pounding
a small hunger
the edges of felt sense are unclear.
the difference is the edge that you can see.
there is gratitude in sensation.
your body applauds the Very Deep Relaxation."

Daddy:  hinoki. guaiacwood. vetiver. porcini.
oakmoss. benzoin.

"you stand at the mirror
in the picture I have of you
it's fogged but for one clear streak from your long strong fingers
I’m perched tubside, out of frame
watching you lather your badger brush
I want you to put your hand on my cheek
tip my chin back
and scrape the steel across my skin
the white foam falls into the sink
still white
I want you to render me gentle and smooth
my reflection soft with steam and you’re soft too
I want you to find my eyes
In every morning mirror"

Pale Marble Movie:  tobacco. leather. jasmine.
grass. patchouli. cardamon.

"a memory is not a static image
each retrieval grows more fantastically false
maybe you remember a room with a high victorian ceiling
an avocado tree growing in the window
And it was just starting to be dawn in September
but if you ask her
she will tell you
in her well built blonde way
It was high noon in low winter in a white hotel room
there was a bowl of cold imported cherries on the bedside table
and you were the one who was sleeping
the truth is the fluidity of the moment between you
you both directed it
and you can remember anything
whether it happened or not"